My role in the project: Co-owner, design and product development, prototype production, testing etc. Project start 2017. The project is still under development.
MIDURINE is the first inexpensive, intuitive and automated tool to collect clean urine for point-of-care or laboratory testing of urinary tract infection.
MIDURINE is proven efficient and validated by laboratory tests. We conducted successful tests and and achieved clean urine in our Vacuum collector following our 3-chamber solution, Our test samples were verified by Skejby University Hospital.
MIDURINE is a female, single use device, intended medical device class 1, constructed in our 3 chamber, non-mechanical solution with dimensions of app. 13 x 5 x 3 cm.
MIDURINE is easy to attach, comfortable to wear and again easy remove. Our usability study reveals that users are not noticing MIDURINE and often forget they are wearing MIDURINE.
MIDURINE is intended as a stand-alone product, easy to be packed and shipped.

MIDURINE holds a DK patent (PA 2018 00283) and a PCT patent pending (WO2019242823A1) 
AARHUS MEDICAL is run by a dedicated and boot-strapping team of successful serial entrepreneurs with broad medical device experience who have led several products from idea to market. Everyone has been involved from the start through needs specification, idea generation, concept development, stakeholder involvement and laboratory tests; and all are partners in AM.
Hanne Everland, PhD, eMBA, CEO AARHUS MEDICAL, 25 years of experience in medical device innovation, business development and leadership. Latest as VP R&D Technology at Coloplast A/S.
Morten Haaning Charles, PhD, General Practitioner and co-owner of Trøjborg Lægehus. Researcher and lecturer at Aarhus University and University of Cambridge. Practice consultant for a number of departments at Aarhus University Hospital.
Peter Boldsen. Concept & design MAA. 25 years of design, product development and concept experience.
Jesper Fleischer, PhD, Technological Advisor for Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus & Sjælland. MedTech and CEO experience. Co-founder of several start-ups.
Anders Geert-Jensen. Concept & design, Entrepreneur & Business Angel. Designer MAA Co-founder of Designit A/S. Co-founder and investor in several start-ups.
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